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Elliott Sober lecture on evolutionary theory as “probabilistic”

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Elliott Sober

A reader draws our attention to this “Darwin at Chicago” lecture tomorrow night:

Elliott Sober (Bayesian theorist):

Naturalism and Evolutionary Theory

Can conclusions about God – for example, that he does not exist, or that he lacks this or that property if he does exist — be deduced from well-established scientific theories? For example, do established results in biology concerning mutation show that God never guides mutations? I answer this question by explaining what biologists mean (or should mean) when they say that mutations are unguided. I make use of the fact that evolutionary theory is a probabilistic theory; its truth does not entail that it is causally complete.

Friend notes,

”It encourages me GREATLY that 20 years after Darwin on Trial (1991), these issues are front and center in academic discussions.”

From the blurb:

The Debating Darwin workshops are a series of lectures given by the most acclaimed historians and philosophers of science.


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