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Enemies of science? The current war on objectivity is a genuine enemy


And Big Science is afraid to confront it. From Katherine Timpf at National Review:

A course that will be taught at Hobart and William Smith Colleges next year will teach students that “objectivity” and “meritocracy” are examples of “white mythologies” and “social constructs.”

The idea that objectivity is somehow a myth, or that it has anything even remotely to do with “whiteness,” is so absolutely stupid that I feel like I don’t even have to spend time explaining why. Objectivity isn’t a myth. For example: …

Truly, it is odd how often I see stories like this, because people on the left are always the ones claiming to stand for science. They often accuse the Right of refusing to consider scientific fact, but stories like this show that that isn’t necessarily always the case. More.

It’s not unique or new. For example, an article appeared recently at NPR: “Say goodbye to x and y,” advocating the elimination of the requirement for basic algebra, in order to empower students. Who would that really empower?

One thing about progressives, they tend to get what they want because they care more than others.  They have nothing to lose. They have a lot to gain. A population that has never been taught to think clearly would likely be easier to “fundamentally transform.” All the better if students associate objectivity about evidence with the “enemy.”

Meanwhile, Big Science is silent, focused on promoting “diversity,” whatever that means in the context. And not only silent but passively co-operating. Panpsychism and variants (everything is conscious) are beginning to be taken seriously, presumably in order to sweep away the hard problem of consciousness. Everything old is new again, including (it’ll be along shortly) Stone Age religion as science. Indeed, with enough input from the progressives, every form of religion will be science, provided it that takes no account of logic, reason, or evidence. That’s enemy territory.

Yes, science’s death will be a suicide, an assisted suicide.

Hat tip: Ken Francis

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