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How Big Tech manufactured a science “consensus” against a lab leak of COVID-19

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Because it is becoming dangerous now to just “Trust the Science” without knowing what goes into it:

Facebook was especially aggressive in this regard. Last spring, the company flagged as false and then banned a New York Post column by Steven Mosher making the case for the plausibility of the lab-leak theory. Mosher argued that the virus’s emergence in a city where gain-of-function research was being conducted on coronaviruses found in bats, the Chinese government’s reaction to it, and the historical record all suggested that its proliferation in people might very well be due to human error in a laboratory setting…

In September, Facebook also fact-checked an article from WION — an English-language Indian television channel and website — featuring quotes from Li-Meng Yan, a Chinese doctor who has alleged that the virus did escape from a lab in Wuhan. While some of Yan’s scientific work and explanations for her specific version of the theory have been widely criticized, that is not what ultimately earned the fact check. Instead, it was Yan’s claim that the Chinese government was silencing medical doctors about the virus that Facebook found objectionable.

It’s unclear why. It has been common knowledge since the very beginning that China has suppressed scientists who have tried to get information about the disease out to the rest of the world.

Isaac Schorr, “How Big Tech Silenced the Earliest Lab-Leak Theory Proponents” at National Review

It’s one thing to trust Darwinblither, just to take an example, when nothing immediate is at stake. But if we agree that COVID-19 is a problem, let’s evaluate more carefully what we have been told on the Authority of Science.

And let’s take in the fact that Big Tech backed up the Authority of Science when it was obviously way off base.

See also: The COVID-19 saga is getting people talking about bogus scientific consensus For some months there has been a bogus consensus that the theory that the virus leaked from a lab in Wuhan was a crackpot conspiracy theory. Then the dam broke. People may understand the concept better now.

"what we have been told on the Authority of Science" It's likely that this shift is just a change in narrative, with no reason to believe we are closer to the truth than we were before, as these narratives are designed to be cover operations. What you can count on consistently is the mendacity of the people in charge and the megaphone medias they employ. Andrew asauber
Dr. Lee of Wuhan was the first to notice clusters of what appeared to be SARS. This was in October, 2019, and was forced to say he lied when threatened by police. His colleagues refused to believe he was telling the truth. Wuhan is one of the largest cities in China and has an international airport that includes flights to Beijing. By the time the clusters were noticed, it had already spread throughout the world. The CCP, from their very inception, has always had the policy of lying to everyone about anything in and out of China. Had organizations, like the WHO, been more interested in facts of lies, they could have started a process that would have left China isolated until the CCP became more interested in facts over lies. The CCP, much like the Soviet government that helped to bring them into existence, is reckless in everything they do. The belief communism will always prevail no matter how incompetent the communists are, meant it was only a matter of time before the CCP experienced their own Chernobyl. Those who fawned over the Soviets are now fawning over the CCP as the natural successor to the first Communist state, which did not fail. Communism cannot fail, which means it had nothing to do with Stalin being a brutal, sadistic monster who was responsible for more deaths than any other dictator in history. It was the democratic powers, like the United States and England, that gets the blame, just as they get the blame today. The CCP is held blameless no matter how ruthless they are, since communism cannot fail. BobRyan

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