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ID: Podcasts with Nancy Pearcey on finding truth


Truth? That’s only if you assume that your brain is shaped for truth, not mere fitness.

A friend kindly writes to say that Nancy Pearcey

… has done two excellent podcasts with ID the Future about her new book Finding Truth:Five Principles for Unmasking Atheism, Secularism, and Other God Substitutes:

Nancy Pearcey Is Human Reason Reliable? Interview with Nancy Pearcey

Is Human Reason Reliable?, pt. 2 Interview with Nancy Pearcey, pt. 2

We are advised to await more podcasts.

Meanwhile, there may not be a huge amount of religion news. The new atheists have apparently persisted with their relationship counsellors. We are not hearing so much cease and desist stuff against fellow atheists or (or non-theists or theists).

You know, it’s so good we got Dawkins set up with that Twitter account.  😉 Otherwise, we’d have to close the weekend religion desk some summer months.

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