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James Kushiner at Salvo tackles: Do clones have souls?

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In Never Let Me Go, a novel by the Japanese-British writer Kazuo Ishiguro (and now a motion picture), children at a boarding school in the beautiful English countryside are raised with little contact with the outside world. The truth about the origin and identity of the students of Hailsham School is veiled.But by picking up on subtle clues and hints dropped in guarded conversations, one might begin to figure out that the children are all human clones, whose sole purpose is to become, after reaching adulthood, sources for organ “donations.” After three or four such donations, a clone would “complete,” that is, die.

It gets better …

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Yes, it is :) Elizabeth Liddle
"Do clones have souls?" Or, to put it another way, "Are clones individual human beings in their own right?" Is this not exactly like asking, "Are *twins* individual human beings in their own right?" Ilion

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