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Robert J. Marks on the “Listen to science” mantra

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Of which we will all be hearing a lot in years to come. Marks points out that politicians who insist that their beliefs represent science might be surprised by the checkered history of that view:

· George Washington died because too much “bad blood” was drained from his body by attending physicians.

· I was one of the victims of the “dangerous fad” of removing kid’s tonsils. (I couldn’t swallow for days.) The “settled science” said tonsillectomies were a panacea for preventing throat infections. The widespread practice of surgeons collecting tonsils ended in the 1970’s.

· The human appendix used to be thought of as vestigial but is now known to be involved in immune and other functions.

· Junk DNA , once thought to be useless remnants of an evolutionary past, has proved to be vital in the reproduction process.

If many theories that were “settled science” of the past have been debunked, why should we believe science has everything right today?

Robert J. Marks, “Should we really “listen to science”? What should we listen for?” at Mind Matters News

Political correctness is not science.

See also: Study shows eating raisins causes plantar warts. Sure. Because, if you torture a Big Data enough, it will confess to anything. (Robert J. Marks)


New book outlines the perils of big, meaningless data. Gary Smith, co-author with Jay Cordes of Phantom Patterns, shows why human wisdom and common sense are more important than ever now.

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    polistra says:

    “Settled” is no longer the main variable. “Settled” was the big word for the “global warming” genocide, but “settled” is no longer the “settled” way to decide policy.

    For 500 years immunity has been genuinely settled science. Suddenly in March 2020 everything we previously knew about immunity was memoryholed, and new UNSETTLED theories were borrowed from war strategists and the orgasmic needs of psychopaths. T-cells and sunlight and herd immunity are now “controversial and dangerous theories.” Forced imprisonment, binding and gagging, and mass murder are now “consensus” science.

    The only proper test is experience. Real science is based on real observation and real experience, with valid filtering of constants and variables. Anything else, whether it’s called “settled” or “emerging”, is not science.

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    Belfast says:

    Today’s update from Nature, their need to get political, and why they support V-p Biden.

    No US president in recent history has so relentlessly attacked and undermined so many valuable institutions, scientific and otherwise, as Donald Trump has during his presidency. We cannot stand by and let science be undermined, says Nature’s editorial. Joe Biden’s trust in truth, evidence, science and democracy make him the only choice in the US election.’
    There are links to Vice President Biden’s comments on his respect for ‘science.’

    They should have waited. The Hunter Biden thing just exploded.

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    Belfast says:

    QUOTE OF THE DAY (From Nature)

    “The label ‘activist’ should be an honour, not a slur or reproach.”
    For health professionals, COVID-19 has revealed how epidemics are political, argues Mary T. Bassett, with many now breaking the ‘unspoken commitment to neutrality’ in response.
    “Tired of being ignored? Get political.”

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