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Two Great Gifts

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In the spirit of Christmas, I thought I would share with you all two intellectual gifts I received from my parents growing up.

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As one of the few---maybe the only---political liberals who comment on this blog in favor of ID, I find it refreshing to hear a conservative make the comment that comes late in the article, to whit:
For instance, behind most left-wing political ideas (with which I strongly disagree ) is the idea that people are suffering and we are not doing enough to stop it. This idea is, in fact, often completely true.
This is in fact the fundamental source of my own liberalism, and I like myself the better for it (I was raised as a conservative, and came by my liberalism later, in my 20s). Now obviously I disagree with JohnnyB's contention that liberals "usually have policies that make the problem even worse" or I wouldn't be a liberal. However, I am not interested in getting into a political argument over the relative merits of conservative and liberal solutions to the problems that we face. I just want to express my gratitude that a conservative noticed. Bruce David

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