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Can particles that don’t exist reshape reality?

ground state vs. excited states/rozzychan

So reports Andrea Taroni at New Scientist:

Chances are, too, you’re nowhere near the vision of particles painted by our best picture of how they work, quantum theory. This says that despite making up stuff that definitely has a size – ourselves, the paper or screen you’re reading this on – particles occupy a point in space precisely zero metres across.

While you’re chewing that one over, you might consider how quantum theory also allows these size-zero particles to occupy multiple places at once, or be “entangled” so the state of one becomes inextricably bound up with the state of another. But even that doesn’t prepare you for the latest assault on any common-sense conception of a particle that physicists have been preparing. More.

Trust us, we have heard many amazing tales; this one seems solidly grounded in evidence.

See also: quasi-particles “The term Quasi particles describes a physical concept, which treats elementary excitations in solids, like spin waves, as particles. As the particles do not consist of matter, they are called quasi particles. ” – U Muenster

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