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Economist: Time may be in trouble

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From the Economist:

Although, like all Gedankenexperimente, this latest one cannot be conducted with current experimental technologies, all of the assumptions behind it have been so tested in the past. It therefore obeys both quantum mechanics and the theory of general relativity. But one big question nags. If the Gedankenexperimente that led to relativity relied on a linearity of time that the theory itself is now helping call into question, can those original thought experiments themselves be relied on? More.

Time mayn’t be in as big trouble as the Economist is, fronting this stuff.

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Sev: into the past of course. And our moving to the past is quite possible, most people who have ever lived have done so, go check your friendly neighbourhood graveyard. KF kairosfocus
Time keeps running out. Where does it all go? If we could find out, maybe we could go there and get some more. Then we could become immortal. Unless the cosmos is one giant "Groundhog Day" except we never know. Seversky
I hate time. It never seems to be on my side. Mung

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