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In pursuit of the multiverse’s black hole to infinity


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From Philip Perry at BigThink:

What’s inside a black hole? In most, there’s something called the singularity—an area of such density and intense gravitational force that not even light can escape. Don’t venture too close. Once you enter the event horizon—the outer rim—it’s all over for you. You’d be shredded to ribbons of atoms that’ll be sucked down into its depths. But there may be one exception. Mathematicians have recently unveiled a scenario even more mind-blowing.

If you stepped into a Reissner-Nordström-de Sitter black hole, the deterministic nature of the universe would break down, and your past and your future would no longer be connected. The past would simply slide away, while an infinite number of futures would open up before you. More.

Indeed. Lots of things would open up.

If you do not believe that we live in one specific universe in which our findings can, in principle, be accurate, you do not believe in science. You may, however, believe that people who can get whatever they are doing classified as science should rule over the rest of us. That is hardly a new or rare idea.

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