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What physicists still don’t know about the Higgs boson

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At least they do know it exists. That’s a start.

From New Scientist

When the particle was found, its mass was also pinned down and, coming in at about 125 gigaelectronvolts (GeV), the Higgs is surprisingly light. If this mass is plugged into the standard model along with the masses of all the other known particles, it leads to a prediction that the universe is unstable. And that points to new physics, says Buchmueller. Obviously the universe is here now, so a light Higgs raises the prospect of further particles to stabilise things. “If the Higgs boson had a mass of 135 to 140 GeV, the universe would have been stable. Then we really would have problems for what to do next,” says Buchmueller.

Mmm, yes. A stable universe is bad for business.


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