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Researchers discover an alarm plants use when attacked by munching critters

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It’s been sought for decades:

Similar to how human immune defenses counter an attack from viruses, plants have been shown to respond to danger from plant-eating animals through an intricate immune system of receptors. Using a method of pinpointing genetic variants, called forward genetics, research led by Adam Steinbrenner, Alisa Huffaker and Eric Schmelz of UC San Diego’s Division of Biological Sciences enabled discovery the inceptin receptor, termed INR, in bean plants. The receptor detects conserved plant protein fragments accidently released as digestive products during caterpillar munching, thereby enabling plant recognition of attack.

“INR represents the first documented mechanism of a plant cell surface receptor responsible for perceiving animals,” said Schmelz, whose work was accomplished by deconstructing and leveraging the active evolutionary arms race between plants and herbivores. “Our work provides some of the earliest defined mechanistic insights into the question of how plants recognize different attacking herbivores and activate immunity to animals. It is a fundamental question in biology that has been pursued for 30 years.”

Beyond beans, the finding raises interest in using INR, and potentially other receptors that remain to be discovered, as a way to boost defenses in essential agricultural crops.

“A key lesson is that plant perception mechanisms for herbivores can be precisely defined and moved into crops to afford enhanced protection,” said Schmelz. “We have shown one example but it’s clear that hundreds if not thousands of opportunities exist to identify and stack key traits to enhance crop plant immunity to herbivores.”

UCal San Diego, “Researchers reveal switch used in plant defense against animal attack” at ScienceDaily

Paper. (paywall)

(Of course, all that complex specified information just sort of happened due to natural selection acting on random mutations (Darwinism). The information budget of sheer randomness turns out to be unlimited… 😉 )

More about plant intelligence (no claims made for consciousness or moral choice, but still … ):

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Is salad murder? If we think plants are “equal organisms” with respect to humans, it’s not clear whether salad is or isn’t murder. Or whether murder is even a serious ethical problem.

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Good thing the plants have not "evolved" ways to stop us from eating them. After all, we too are herbivores, and rather effective ones at that: we do not just munch a leaf here or there, we take down the entire plant in many cases. There have been previous stories about plants signalling each other about being chewed on by bugs. Perhaps none of those used "surface receptors", allowing these authors to claim some sort of "first"? Fasteddious
They need to memoryhole the comparison to human "immunity". Everyone knows that "immune systems" are just a Trumptard conspiracy theory, and the WHO has now made it official. https://www.aier.org/article/who-deletes-naturally-acquired-immunity-from-its-website/ polistra

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