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Broad agreement that politics is strangling the social sciences


From O’Leary for News at MercatorNet:

… if anyone tells you that there is no broad consensus that social science is in deep trouble because of progressive bias, you can assume that they haven’t been keeping up with the stats.

Unfortunately, when asked to reform by adding diverse voices, social scientists opt for any strategy other than inclusiveness, almost as if they were old-fashioned segregationists. That is, they want to “subtract out bias” all on their own, without adding new voices. Of course, if that had worked, they could have done it decades ago.

Part of the problem, as the Regnerus controversy demonstrated, is that so many of their beliefs conflict not so much with tradition as with reality. Commentator Jonah Goldberg notes that much new evidence has come to light since the Regnerus controversy that shows that family structure matters: … More.

See also: Part I: What’s wrong with social science today? Did it all begin with Margaret Mead’s giddy portrait of guilt-free promiscuity in the 1920s?


How did UTexas sociologist Mark Regnerus get to be so hated? A study of gay parenting exploded when it hit the media

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