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9/11 Miracle — the story of Trinidadian Genelle Guzman-McMillan, last WTC 9/11 survivor to be pulled from the rubble

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Genelle Guzman-McMillan, last survivor pulled from the rubble at ground zero

Trinidadian Genelle Guzman-McMillan, the last WTC 9/11 survivor to be pulled from the rubble of the collapsed towers, has a story of miraculous survival, complete with her angel, Paul, who held her hand as she awaited rescue.

In summary:

[Genelle] was a Port Authority worker, working on the 64th floor of one of the WTC towers, on September 11, 2001 when she felt the building shake and heard the noise of the first impact. A look out the window showed papers floating in the sky, but it was not clear what had happened until she saw news reports on a TV in a conference room.

Strange as it seems today, she and her co-workers were instructed to stay in the building, and evacuation was considerably delayed.

(The rule I was taught for industrial fire safety was that if a fire is not contained in a building within 10 seconds, evacuation should begin; because of how rapidly a fire can get to dangerous proportions.)

Eventually she and the other remaining fourteen workers were evacuated, and began walking down those stairs, only encountering a single fireman on the way up. She had walked down to the 13th storey level stairs with her circle of co-workers and paused to remove her 4-inch high heels, when the building collapsed, pinning and trapping her for 27 hours.

Her survival story is that of a miracle, complete with her prayers to commit her life to God and the mysterious Paul who held her hand and encouraged her as she waited for rescue. (She calls Paul, her angel.) . . .

There are several interviews, but I think I will share this one:

[youtube VlhjuRffT48]

Food for thought and reflection, twelve years later. END

Actually a bigger point is here too. 9/11 was committed by foreigners, and not illegally here, and the victims wewre largely foreigners. Save in the pentagon. In fact even here in toronto I had connections to TWO people killed in the towers . The problem is really America allowing herself to be involved in foreign peoples affairs and allowing too many foreigners into her shores who do not love or like Americans except to gain Americans stuff . Immigration and especially since WW11 has hurt America (and CAnada) in profound ways. Its a gift to a foreigner to be allowed into anothers mans home and this gift should of been, and should be, very selective and seldom. To no small extent the unnatural interference in higher education/sciences by immigrant peoples is the reason for origin subjects so wrong and so prejudiced against the good guys. Also why there is such a sluggishness in achievement . America must learn its about protecting ones people and making the rules on how foreign peoples are to conduct themselves f they are welcome and allowed in. 9/11 need not of happened and all the deaths since. its foolish and evil. Robert Byers
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Genelle Guzman-McMillan is the last survivor pulled from the rubble at the WTC. We need to listen to her story of survival, Divine comfort and a miraculous second chance. kairosfocus

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