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From The Best Schools: Churches just want your money, that’s all! Or is it?



So if church life declines, giving and serving probably will, too. Well then, how are [working class] Fishtown’s churches doing? Murray observes that, in Fishtown, there was a huge drop in religious observance in recent decades, though not in affiliation. Yes, Fishtowners still tell the census takers that they are Christians but the majority do not go to church:

In Fishtown the religiously disengaged became a majority amounting to 59%. (p. 204)

Strikingly, residents of nearby fashionable Belmont were more likely to go to church.

These facts, of course, do not fit the popular stereotype of working class fundamentalists bitterly clinging to guns and religion while the educated elite have thrown off the shackles. Murray disentangles what we hear from what we see by two observations: …


People started to avoid churches and priests too. They see them as money collectors, just as taxmen used to be. This is the time when fast personal loans can mean you more than ever and you can find how at this website. Click here and use this information properly. Stefan
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Religion is all about money for me. I believe that I am supported from somebody above, who loves me greatly, but I do not need to go to church to prove anything. I have it inside and it's genuine, coming to church I feel the hypocrisy and do not like it. No wonder less people go to churches nowadays, I am sure their situations are very much the same. Jull from Personal Money Service Jull

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