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Hey, it’s Sunday. I am allowed to indulge myself in religion.

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So here is our ID community reb Moshe Averick’s take on a bunch of complaints about his recent book:

Rabbi, this is just the old “Argument from Ignorance” or a “god-of-the gaps” argumentRabbi, you ignored the implications of Darwinian Evolution

Rabbi, you ignored current Origin of Life research, particularly the RNA-World research

Rabbi, you are “quote mining” (i.e. presenting statements by scientists out of context and misleading the readers)

Rabbi, this is just the “Argument from Incredulity”

Rabbi, you are “primitive, backward, superstitious and anti-science”

Rabbi, we must have unwavering faith in Science and Scientists

Hey, I’m with the Reb.

Okay, okay, yes, I am a Catholic, but if I had to choose, and the Church had never been invented, … did you ever hear the story of a woman named Ruth?

Like, she sure got that right.

For those of the Jewish faith I would recommend checking out Dennis Prager, a religious Jew who is one of the most persuasive Christian apologists I have ever encountered, and who has had a major impact on my life and thinking. GilDodgen

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