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Jews and Darwin

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OCTOBER 6, 2005 — Can a Jew be banned for supporting evolution in the 21st Century?

The answer, shockingly, is yes.

Usually, when we think of creationism and intelligent design we think of Evangelical Christians fighting to include Bible-based teachings in America’s public schools. The vast majority of American Jews are on the other side, struggling to keep non-scientific theories out of schools.

Now a small group of ultra-Orthodox rabbis have banned the books of a young rabbi because of his arguments in favor of Darwin, sparking an angry and divisive debate.

This is why the October cover of “Moment”, the only non-partisan national Jewish magazine, shouts “Who Dares Defend Darwin?” In “The Heresy of Nosson Slifkin,” “Moment” senior editor Jennie Rothenberg provides readers with a rare and powerful introduction to Jewish views on evolution. Her interviews with the banned rabbi, religious leaders, scientists and scholars—including intelligent design proponent David Berlinski—reveal the deep differences between Judaism and Christianity.

This fascinating story could only have been published in “Moment”, the nation’s only truly independent Jewish magazine. “Moment” is not tied to any denomination or political institution so we can call it as we see it and include viewpoints that no other Jewish magazine dares to publish.

For an interview with “Moment” editor and executive publisher Nadine Epstein or with senior editor Jennie Rothenberg, contact Julie Leventhal (202-363-6422, marketing@momentmag.com) or Lisa Newman (202-607-5472, lnewman@momentmag.com).

“Moment” is on the Web at momentmag.com, where you can read “Who Dares Defend Darwin?” Also look for our previous cover story, “The Unauthorized Spiritual Biography of Bob Dylan” by Nadine Epstein and Rebecca Frankel. The Washington DC-based Moment was founded in 1975 by Elie Wiesel and Leonard Fein.

Charliecrs: I think you misunderstood my post. I was addressing this statement in the original article: “Usually, when we think of creationism and intelligent design we think of Evangelical Christians fighting to include Bible-based teachings in America’s public schools.” So many media people seem to have a cartoonish view of ID. I'm just a layman of course, but it shouldn't take a whole lot of research to get beyond the "Bible-based teaching" concept of ID. When I saw this line, I was sure that this person got their info about from TV news which doesn't bode well for "journalism" if that's what that magazine is. Are you the author of the above quote? russ
Well russ - you'd probably stamp me guilty on the lazy part. journalist - hardly on some day's i cant barely help to scroll through paragraphs than to to read the whole thing. comfortable stereotypes - well maybe. - just for fun [OBVIOUS What u'd prob. say but 4 fun...] what what would be wrong with including bible based teaching in American Schools ?. or is that your comfortable stereotypes just cant handle Darwin and God in the same room ? Because God means religion right ?. Then there is the great wall of china [i mean sep. of church and state thing ] gimme a break... No problems with Darwin cults religion[s] either too, but i guess since you guys champion for them its no bigge 4 u - but oh well.... And since ur party for example[atheist, secular, whatever ] rely on the un-defiable Darwin and since he is based on so much facts [ yet none can be stated ] other than saying like good ol' Eugine. Look at the air, is that a fact ? or Look at the Gravity is that fact ? is that questioned ?. Like so who would question good ol Darwin right ?. Some fact, cant wait for the next joe to come out with Darwin fact revision version 100,000,000 .1 c. Charliecrs
"Usually, when we think of creationism and intelligent design we think of Evangelical Christians fighting to include Bible-based teachings in America’s public schools." Well, why do you think this? Maybe it's because you don't know what you're talking about. Or perhaps you simply prefer your comfortable stereotypes and are too lazy as a journalist to actually find out what the other side is saying and doing. russ
Kinda mixed feelings of this one. Sorta feel bad for those ultra-Orthodox rabbis for being banned. Maybe they can renew their membership card ? j/k. Well.. since the "Jewish" world /Religous is more of a tribal thing [Rabbi-stuff] when it comes to publishing different view points against "God". Maybe they where within their rights to do that anyone who goes against their view [God] points ?. Still think its a harsh treatment tho and who knows maybe with more talk and compromise they could actually renew their memberships 4 real... Charlie Charliecrs

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