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Science explains religion? Not. “True religion isn’t natural, sin is natural”

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Here’s a vid trailer for Robert McCauley’s book, Why Religion Is Natural and Science Is Not:

A friend writes, in response, “True religion isn’t natural, sin is natural.”

But one can turn that around as well: true science isn’t natural, junk science is natural.

Doubt this? Consider how readily health fads and scares catch on, most of which get debunked later.

Does real science ever catch on that quickly? Exactly. It’s the same with religion.

The con that most people who write about the supposed superiority of science to religion – in explaining human nature – pull is this: They oppose good science to bad religion, then declare victory.

Following up on our friend’s comment, some enterprising young soul to identify classic specimens of evolutionary psychology and compare them with time-honoured religious traditions of psychology.

See who comes out better:  Ooga! Ooga! vs. “Something in me knew better at the time, but … ”

Hat tip: Stephanie West Allan at Brains on Purpose

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The Holy Bible is the result of a hidden system of communication that contains a profound science of immortality and eternal life. The Christian religion is founded upon this science... John W Kelly
While some might oppose good science to bad religion, in reality true religion and proven science go hand in hand. Barb

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