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There really IS a space alien religion

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Alien tripod by Alvim Corréa, 1906 French edition of H.G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds”

We’ve often noticed that people who are bound and determined to find intelligent aliens treat it as a sort of religious quest. But now, as National Geographic reports from Brazil, it is taking an institutional form:

According to Sunrise Valley followers, extraterrestrial beings landed on Earth 32,000 years ago to advance human civilizations. The beings then returned to Earth through successive incarnations across various cultures and eras. Valley members, known as mediums, believe themselves to be the beings’ latest incarnation, the Jaguars.Vale do Amanhecer, “Meet the Worshipers Who Believe They’re Aliens in Human Form” at National Geographic

There is also a religion growing up around artificial intelligence. And the of course, there was Carl Sagan and the dolphins.

It’s not whether people will believe in something but – what? And with what effect?

Well if ID is true then the chance of E.T.'s is very, very high- as in they definitely exist or at least existed. ET
No need to go so far afield. Just look at L Ron Hubbard's highly prestigious American religion. Aliens all the way down. polistra

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