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From Nature: US “Academic freedom” bills are “anti-science”

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Well, in the age of just shout louder against the marchin’, marchin’ hordes, aw, maybe academic freedom is just a frill anyway.

From Erin Ross at Nature:

Revamped ‘anti-science’ education bills in United States find success: Legislation urges educators to ‘teach the controversy’ and allows citizens to challenge curricula.

State and local legislatures in the United States are experimenting with new ways to target the topics taught in science classes, and it seems to be paying dividends. Florida’s legislature approved a bill on 5 May that would enable residents to challenge what educators teach students. And two other states have already approved non-binding legislation this year urging teachers to embrace ‘academic freedom’ and present the full spectrum of views on evolution and climate change. This would give educators license to treat evolution and intelligent design as equally valid theories, or to present climate change as scientifically contentious.More.

Well, it depends on what one wants, right? Both subjects are currently highly contentious in the real world. They might be an opportunity to help students learn to cope with the real world instead of learning zombie science and then finding out the problems later.

In the United States, teaching any explicitly religious theory would be forbidden under conventional interpretations of the 1st Amendment to the Constitution. The Darwin-in-the-schools lobby, quoted in the linked article, must hope that no one realizes that.

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painstaking measuring
"Approximately 92% (or 99%) of USHCN surface temperature data consists of estimated values" https://wattsupwiththat.com/2015/09/27/approximately-92-or-99-of-ushcn-surface-temperature-data-consists-of-estimated-values/ Andrew asauber
Denyse for News, or News for Denyse, a direct quote from your mate Phillip E. Johnson, supported by your other mate, Dembski, explaining 'the Wedge', or as you prefer to call it, 'academic freedom'; "To defeat scientific materialism, and its destructive moral, cultural and political tendencies." One more; "To replace materialistic explanations with the theistic answer that nature and human beings are created by God." Honestly, I did not make this up. These people really want to teach, 'supernaturalism', in the science class; they call it, 'academic freedom'. When Phillip E. Johnson came up with the 'wedge' metaphor he was probably more confident of its success than he is today. Its transparent appeal to religion,(specifically Judeo/Christian religion, specifically Protestant Christianity, specifically Evangelical Born Again Protestant Christianity), was so patently obvious that it was the Southern Protestant States, that so readily embraced it. Denyse says: "Well, it depends on what one wants, right?" No Denyse, no it doesn't! It depends on what the evidence points to, it depends upon research, investigation, experimentation, and countless hours of rock hunting, deep sea diving, painstaking measuring, patient field work, and just plain grit; That's what it depends on. All things famously lacking in ID circles. And, we don't want mum and dad, comming to school and muddying the pool which ID has already made murky. Sure they can be rightly interested in their child's learning, but gainsaying 150 years of peer reviewed rigour? No! 'Academic freedom?' Nonsense; interfeering with scientists, science teaching, and science texts, is an uncoscienceable crime to youth. Learning that a sky God, committed oogity boogity, and here we stand, is a tragic waste of science class time. Calling it 'academic freedom' is a salty insult, and an oxymoron. rvb8

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