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Philly Inquirer writer wonders if intelligent design is dead because …

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… the Tennessee teacher protection bill doesn’t mention it:

Could intelligent design finally be dead? The term is conspicuously absent from the latest antievolution education bill, which passed the Tennessee legislature in March and awaits action by the governor.

The bill’s language reveals a new tactic on the part of creationists. They seem to have retired intelligent design and replaced it with a concept as sneaky as stealth aircraft.

“These bills sound very innocent,” said Eugenie Scott, executive director of the National Center for Science Education. That’s intentional, she said. The legislation has been crafted to be legally bulletproof. – Faye Flam, “Creationists Switch Tactics In Tennessee,” Philadelphia Inquirer, April 9, 2012

The ID stealth tactic, she reveals, is “critical thinking.”

Hold that thought. It’s a brand new idea. Some of us just call it “thinking.”

She’s probably right in supposing that it will nuke Darwin’s world of street legal stupidity.

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Strawman -- demonised scapegoat. Cf here for why sci ed does need exactly this sort of reform. KF kairosfocus
#1, I love it! The only alternative to uncritical acceptance of pop science is ID. That's what critical thinking will get you! Beware! Axel wrote:
She’s probably strumming her lips now, try to ponder what you mean.
Lol! material.infantacy
She's probably strumming her lips now, try to ponder what you mean. Axel
Hahaha. This is beautiful. The big ID stealth tactic is to pass a law which has absolutely no, zero, nada reference to intelligent design, and which specifically forbids including religious (isn't that the concern?) speculation. All it does is shield teachers from pressure if they discuss the weaknesses of current mainstream scientific theories. Which is, apparently, frightening! This is a tremendous compliment being paid to ID and creationists. Eugenie Scott is treating critical evaluation of mainstream scientific theory as a gateway to ID, or even creationism. nullasalus

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