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Audio/Video: Chemical origins of life conference audio now free for download, plus …

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Courtesy Britain’s Royal Society. A friend notes that three Nobel Prize winners were among the speakers:

Speakers and Chairs include:

Professor Sidney Altman, Professor Donna Blackmond, Professor Friz Eckstein, Dr Adrian Ferré-D’Amaré, Dr Martin Hanczyc, Professor David Lilley FRS, Dr Robert Pascal, Professor Joseph Piccirilli, Dr Marina Rodnina, Dr Venki Ramakrishnan FRS, Professor Paul Schimmel, Professor Norm Sleep, Professor Scott Strobel, Professor Hiroaki Suga, Professor John Sutherland, Professor Jack Szostak, Professor Mike Yarus, Professor Ada Yonath.

Audio recordings here.

Professor Ada Yonath’s lecture on hibernating bears here.

Many interesting televised lectures here, including physicist Paul Davies (The Eerie Silence (Are we alone?) and Marcus du Sautoy on The Secret Mathematicians (artists as mathematicians).

Our living rooms now open on stuff only a few privileged people used to know.

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