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New Scientist preaches on the Apocalypse …

File:Schuld St. Gertrud Fenster378.JPG
Fourth Horseman/G. Freihalter

… which turns out to be science budget cuts:

Apocalypse soon, if we keep on cutting science

… the US government – or parts of it – are reopening the door to the four horsemen through a radical retrenchment of the science programme.

Scientists are sometimes criticised for exaggerating the importance of their work, but I think they underplay it. Science is the main force that keeps the horsemen at bay. The US still leads the world in science spending overall. But if the spectacular shrinkage of government science funding continues, we will be inviting all four of them into our homes.

Trouble is, it’ll probably get worse. Will they blame the ID theorists for it? Let’s see.

If anyone is interested, the original Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are here, in the last book of the New Testament, a prophetic work. Images.

Tell New Scientist, Mung.
Why waste my breath? Their name is not, after all, New Hermeneutics. They probably learned about the book of Revelation from reading Hal Lindsey and Tim Lahaye, etc. The letter was written to seven real churches in Asia. Churches that actually existed in the first century. You have some evidence to the contrary, perhaps? Why listen to anyone who writes about it after having ripped it from it's historical context and ignoring it's intended audience? It was written to them about things which were soon to happen to them. If the prophecy did not come to pass it's a false prophecy. Mung
Isn't it said QM shows that past, present and future pass simultaneoulsy, Mung? Well, the Bible is full of mystery, as well as palpable wisdom, but, unlike those of 'our friends', its 'promissory notes' are worth believing in, because one day all will be made clear. Axel
Mung "If they did not happen then it is a false prophecy."
Nonsense! They will merely re-adjust the prophecy so as the prophecy continues to fit the events that did not come to pass. Sounds familiar. DinoV
Tell New Scientist, Mung. News
If anyone is interested, the original Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are here, in the last book of the New Testament, a prophetic work.
A prophetic work of the first century. It contains repeated statements that the events described were to happen soon. If they did not happen then it is a false prophecy. Mung
If we date the scientific method back to the days of Galileo Galilei, them modern science has only been around for 350 years. You could push it back further if you wish to include Aristotle and Archimedes. On the other hand, religion (the five major world religions: Hinduism, Chinese folk religion, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam) have been around for millenia. In only 3% of the time that religion has been on the scene, science has managed to produce multiple threats to continued human existence, in the forms of atomic bombs, designer diseases, radioactive waste, chemical pollution, and genetic modifications. Now, if you want to argue that politicians must be held accountable for how they use science and the scientific method, fine. But the fact remains that scientists (and the scientific method) must also be held accountable for their roles. Scientists freely made the choice to develop these theories (and, in some cases, the weapons); witness Albert Einstein's letter to FDR encouraging him to build an atomic bomb. Science can preach about the coming apocalypse all they want. But they should know that they are the ones hastening its arrival. Barb

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