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Online journalism thinkmag addresses politics pretending to be science


“Beware of Science as Political Veneer” warns Tom Price at Miller-McCune report (May 13, 2011), because “Scientization of politics,” not just politicization of science, weakens scientific integrity.” That includes

… “scientization of politics” — portraying all government decisions as science-based when, in fact, most aren’t.[ … ]

“Some [government] decisions are based on the best available science,” said Francesca Grifo, director of the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Scientific Integrity Program. “A lot of decisions end up being based on whatever values the politicians were elected to uphold.”

That’s OK, she said, as long as the politicians don’t pretend those decisions were science-based.

Trouble is, they usually do. Go here for more.

Some say that openly discussing a problem like this helps us move on. Because now we can at least name it: Photo op science

Why can't political science tell us how to get rid of politicians? Mung

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