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Ramesh Raskar on slow motion light — at a trillion [10^12] frames per second


This needs to go in the Sci-tech watch department for UD:

Not directly relevant to ID debates, but a glimpse at the wonders of our world that are well worth pondering. END

Hi Kairos, true, it could be great teaching tool. I'll show this to my kids. Problem with Youtube is once you see first video it shows related ones and than 2 hours later you wonder what happened :D Eugen
Eugen, Yes, truly beautiful and illuminating, including the exponential decay of intensity and the way light bounces every which ways. Notice the bounce-back to the entry end? Then, see how picosecond pulses could be used to see around corners and into things? Light is truly amazing stuff. If I were teaching school physics still, I would show this to my students, you can see the waves at work. KF PS: Expands capacity of the old 3-d chalkboard in the head, too. kairosfocus
Spectacular! Eugen
When I buy my Chinese remake of the Japanese copy of the US original I will not faff around with Coke bottles. I will fire a photon at a double slit and collect my Nobel. Belfast
Ditto, thanks. kairosfocus
I see it. Barry Arrington
Can readers see this now? The embed code has been changed. News
H'mm, it seems UD still has a dropped embeds problem. Pardon while I get this fixed. kairosfocus

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