8 Replies to “Ramesh Raskar on slow motion light — at a trillion [10^12] frames per second

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    kairosfocus says:

    H’mm, it seems UD still has a dropped embeds problem. Pardon while I get this fixed.

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    News says:

    Can readers see this now? The embed code has been changed.

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    Barry Arrington says:

    I see it.

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    Belfast says:

    When I buy my Chinese remake of the Japanese copy of the US original I will not faff around with Coke bottles. I will fire a photon at a double slit and collect my Nobel.

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    kairosfocus says:

    Eugen, Yes, truly beautiful and illuminating, including the exponential decay of intensity and the way light bounces every which ways. Notice the bounce-back to the entry end? Then, see how picosecond pulses could be used to see around corners and into things? Light is truly amazing stuff. If I were teaching school physics still, I would show this to my students, you can see the waves at work. KF

    PS: Expands capacity of the old 3-d chalkboard in the head, too.

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    Eugen says:

    Hi Kairos,

    true, it could be great teaching tool. I’ll show this to my kids. Problem with Youtube is once you see first video it shows related ones and than 2 hours later you wonder what happened 😀

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