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Thought for the week: Imagine no re-smidgeon …

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No more smidgeons of evidence puffed up and blazoned everywhere, then retakes and this-time-it’s-trues, all in the gloriouscause of lighting a shining path to the future – endless worship at Darwin’s shrine!

This Tiktaalik story, for example, mainly shows how much hasty-wrong-conclusion evolutionary science is simply a Darwin cult (too bad the cult practises human sacrifice too).

Skinny: “Missing link “Tiktaalik wass actually Johnny come lately, the new kid in town.

So where are the fish that turned into tetrapods? According to Nature, they must exist in the “‘ghost range’ — that is, a period of time during which members of the groups should have been present but for which no body fossils have yet been found.” Shubin’s arguments that these fossils confirm a “specific prediction” of evolution appear to have been wrong. (But don’t expect a correction from PBS anytime soon.)

No, because the yuppie public believes, and what else matters?

What if we just “Dimenticare Darwin”, as Giuseppe Sermonti advised (= forget the guy; he’s past tense). How much mental energy would be freed from defending the ol’ Brit toff from racism and wrong predictions and such, and put toward figuring out what is really happening?

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    Where do you think fish came from?

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