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Wayne Rossiter: Conservatism doomed to extinction


From his blog, Shadow of Oz, recounting an incident:

“There was one major conservative who spoke during my freshman year . . . [he] was invited by my liberty-minded club to speak about the dangers of political correctness in academia . . . At the lecture, dozens of students shouted out and interrupted [him] to the point where he had to stop speaking in order for them to calm down. Eventually, a few students stood up and smeared fake blood on themselves, screaming that [he] represented hatred. The room fell to chaos for a solid five minutes and, while yelling expletives and making obscene hand gestures, the protesters left a beautiful mess of red paint for the custodial staff to clean up . . . We later discovered that one of the official school ‘diversity centers’ sent out a mass email encouraging protests.”More.

This cannot end well.

Universities used to be places where one learned to respond with reasoned argument rather than staging a public tantrum, like a two-year-old in a shopping mall. It’s possible that no one needs that in the age of, for example, unfalsifiable science, where even the Royal Society recently proved unable to hold a meeting about the errors of Darwinism.

This gives you some idea what to expect when they are midlife adults who hold serious power.

See also: Rossiter on Greg Koukl’s Stand to Reason

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Unfortunately for liberals (and us all), if enlightenment-informed conservativism goes down, liberalism will in short order be executed by Islamism, which isn't intimidated at all by their Alinsky-esque tactics and are more than willing to cash out their western civilization sense of guilt. William J Murray
Oh, it did? Am I not in moderation anymore? jdk
Hi Barry. I'd appreciate it if you let one of my posts about not being able to post anymore go through. jdk
Liberal university faculties busily replicating little liberal fascists. Barry Arrington
Yes but no excuse for defeat. The bad guys are using speech and so the good guys can. In the past yelling down opponents was common in the world. Keep the eye on the common people. they don't respect attacks on free speech/discussion and are reasonable more then activists. If the activists are extreme then it must mean the public is not. So no excuses for not dealing with the left. Robert Byers
What did we expect would follow "the enlightenment"? Mung

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