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Why do “science” issues split along party lines?

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From Lauren Griffin at The Conversation, we learn:

Having a more complete understanding of when and why liberals and conservatives trust science helps avoid oversimplifications. It’s an important stopgap using oversimplified assumptions to denigrate those who disagree with us politically.

None of this is to suggest that the anti-science viewpoints exhibited by Republican politicians on issues such as climate change should be ignored. Nor is it an argument that since “both sides” can fall for anti-science rhetoric, it can be waved away.

Rather, these findings indicate that, in theory, it’s possible liberals and conservatives could work together to encourage politicians to base policy recommendations on sound science, at least on some issues.

Maybe even more importantly, understanding the social and cultural issues surrounding the acceptance or rejection of science is a first step toward crafting messages that resonate with members of the public who question the science on hot-button issues. Research suggests using the right kind of messenger – someone who is trusted within the community – can be key to moving the needle. Science communications scholars have been hard at work devising other tactics to help reach people on issues of science. Hopefully they’ll trust the growing body of social science evidence to help guide their efforts. More.

How about: When one sees what goes into a lot of “science” these days, it’s like seeing what goes into sausage.

If you think you need current science beliefs, eat them. Otherwise, enquire after the fish entree.

See also: Bill Nye would criminalize dissent from human-caused global warming claims.

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TWSYF, I know. Plenty of swine on this site that persist despite their being shown to be obvious fools. It's everywhere. But there is always the hope a lurker recognizes the absurdity of the evolution hypothesis and materialism. I've had enough thoughtful response to encourage me to keep going. bb
bb @ 3: You did well, but don't get your hopes up. Pearls before swine... Truth Will Set You Free
On another forum I had an atheist tell me that evangelicals are anti-science. My answer to his claim was:
No. Christianity is anti-evolution, a silly hypothesis that was once thought to have scientific evidence. Science is much bigger and is the product of Christianity.
Good Science, True Science, would not be split along political lines. This points to a problem with science, not politics. Ok for science to be split along theoretical lines - say ID vs RM&NS. That is good science debate. Politically, the problem is not with the "Deniers". Problem is with the "Convincers". ppolish

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