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Bizarre new shark species spotted …

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Here. And here only. On this date.

“The photophore contains a unique lens structure that focuses the light it produces. So strongly focused is the light, in fact, that it can be used in prey capture by the shark”

Hat tip: Pos-Darwinista

Looking, as it does, like a cross between an armadillo, the Sydney Opera House and a cartoon depiction of marlin, one can only marvel at the riotous panoply of evolution's inventive adaptations. There can be little doubt that this shark's assumption of its current, moleskin-like integument was Nature's response to mans's evergrowing, if random, appetite for sharkskin fabric for men's suits. Axel
I remember the Johnny Quest episode now. Race Bannon piloted the "Subshark" to the mystery island where Johnny and Hadji sneaked in with their dog Bandit to find needed information to defeat the Frog Men. StuartHarris
It must be an adaptation. Axel
Sharks don't shed, they molt. Mung
"Did they find genes from maglights in the genome?"
Yes, and apparently the discovery "sheds new light on evolution." material.infantacy
Did they find genes from maglights in the genome? kairosfocus
Missing link between sharks and submarines found! material.infantacy
April 1st, perchance...? Why didn't I think of it? Axel
It looks like a spoof - with bells on. Axel
That's not a shark. It's a submarine from an old Johnny Quest cartoon. StuartHarris
I was hoping for a sighting of Zissou's elusive Jaguar Shark. Poor Esteban. material.infantacy
Shark with headlights! kairosfocus

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