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This beats our jelly frites: Huge, previously unknown jellyfish washes ashore

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lion’s mane jelly/ Dan Hershman

Spotted by a family out for a beach stroll in Tasmania:

Lisa-ann Gershwin, a CSIRO biologist, had been hearing stories of the jellyfish, likely a new species of lion’s mane jellyfish, for years, but had never seen proof of their impressive bulk. “It boggles the mind. I mean, it’s so big,” she told The Sydney Morning Herald. “I knew that the species gets fairly large, but I didn’t know that it gets that large. It was really a surprise to me when they forwarded the photo to me.”

Note: The jelly photo at top left is a different species from the beached giant. Same idea though.

And remember, 95% of the ocean is … unexplored. Never mind outer space. Think under space.

Also, Jelly frite (From our Fri Nite Frite series = Nature is scarier than spooks because it doesn’t depend on our imagination.)


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