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“Leaproach” thought extinct in late Jurassic, but …

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Here, it was one of 2010’s top ten new species picks. Turned up in South Africa; Can leap as well as a grasshopper.

The other news species are something else too.

File under: We warned you about cockroaches already, but you …

One Reply to ““Leaproach” thought extinct in late Jurassic, but …

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    Robert Byers says:

    Something new, something old.
    Imagine the odds of not needing to change after all that time.
    When you got it you got!
    It might hint however that it wasn’t that long ago the fossils were made (say 4500 years ago) and hint to everyone time doesn’t equal macro evolution.
    Seemly time is not important.
    Tell them to keep looking and mayve everything will turn up .

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