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Not a Darwinist? Is that just a neat hunch or do you know WHY you shouldn’t be?

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Recently, Bill Dembski and Jonathan Wells published a textbook supplement called The Design of Life. It’s pretty controversial, as you can tell by all the ignorant remarks and insults at the Amazon site.

The book explains the reasons why Darwin was wrong. Stuff you won’t find in the textbook your taxes pay for (or your student loan pays for if your prof puts it on the course.)

You can find out more about the book (or even buy it) here.

Meanwhile, trusty Canadian bloggers Jane Harris-Zsovan and I blog at the Design of Life blog on items that help explain why the book was written: To help students understand the facts of life that don’t mesh with Darwinism.

Now, maybe you know all this stuff. Great! Have you considered encouraging friends or family who DON’T know it to have a look?

Remember, your nearest and dearest are always hearing from legacy media, schools, and museums why Darwin was right (your tax dollars at work again, usually).

If you don’t help them understand why that’s mainly propaganda in the service of materialism, can you really blame them for just saying, “Okay, whatever … whatever they want me to believe, I’ll just believe, so they will shut up and go away … “?

For example, here are some stories that someone you know might appreciate:

Origin of life: Popular science media solve the origin of life every few weeks. Huh?

Origin of species? Check out the beefalo and see if you STILL believe the textbook.

Explosions of life: Yes! And not brought to you by Darwinian competition

By the way, did you ever hear of the Avalon explosion of life, nearly 600 million years ago? Possibly not. It was not a Darwinian event, so …

And then nothing much happened for millions of years … Yes, the real history of life is NOT constant Darwinian competition and survival of the fittest leading to fantastic life forms. After an initial explosion, usually, nothing much happens.

Oh, and remember that molecular clock you’ve heard so much about, that will reveal Darwin’s truth for all time? It is right about twice a day.

The Copernican myth and other myths – you know, how Copernicus showed that our planet isn’t special? Flapdoodle. But … in lots of popular and educational media, the undead still walk. Don’t walk with them. Lots of myths fronted in pop science media debunked here.

Anyway, read and enjoy these posts, and there will soon be lots more at the Design of Life blog.

H.G. Wells wasn't the greatest person in the world either. PannenbergOmega
Hi Mr. Brookfield, I would even go further, saying that the Nazis and the Eugenic Movement had a 'common ancestor' in Charles Darwin. H.G. Wells, who was a socialist, but not of the Marxian brand said that 'the world would have been better off had Karl Marx never been born. Imagine how things would have unfolded had Charles Darwin never been born. Harsh language indeed, but Charles Darwin was no gentleman. PannenbergOmega
Hi PannenbergO, "I couldn’t agree with you more, about the need for civility. I am glad you like my philosophy. Yes, I see a connection between civility and civilization. I also see a conection between uncivility and the decay of civilization. Like you, I am also concerned about the corrosive effect of Darwin-ism and Material-ism on global society (and global science). The problem as I see it, is the nihilistic nature of materialist ideology. I am concerned about fundamentalism of all types including Materialist fundamentalism. I am also looking forward to the release of the "Expelled" movie. Hopefully it be effective in changing things for the better. William Brookfield
Brookfield: I personally think that no matter how the Darwinists react to us we should always be respectful in return. As far as I am concerned, everyone is an aspect of God and is thefore to be treated with respect — just as you would treat God with respect. Sorry, I am a Christian but I have to disagree with the cheek-turning philosophy. God did not create the human spirit. Got can only create physical matter. Spirit can neither be created not destroyed. A-holes (non-believers) are not part of the body of Christ. Consider that David, a man after God's own heart, had nothing but contempt for Goliath, so much so that he killed him and cut his freaking head off. Joshua had nothing but contempt for the jackasses who lived in Jericho. When the walls fell, he went in with his army and killed them all, with the exception of Hagar the prostitute and her household. Why? Because she was a believer. Consider that David and his fighting men had so little respect for their enemies that they would circumcise them after they killed them on the battle field. Jesus had nothing but contempt for the Pharisees and the money changers in the temple. Why? Because they were unbelievers. I believe that we are kidding ourselves if we think we can win this battle by respecting the enemy. We must not. The enemy must be vilified, ridiculed and hounded until they cry Uncle. We must not fear them not look for their approval or their recognition. We know what we've got. If this was a real war, I would follow in the footsteps of great warriors like George Patton who once said "We're going to kill the lousy bastards by the bushel and we're going to use their guts to grease the treads of our our tanks." Or something to that effect. I am personally tired of this "we forgive you attitude." This is nonsense, in my opinion. We should turn the other cheek only to our fellow Christians, not for the unbelieving heathens and the Darwin worshippers. I apologise for being so brunt but I always tell it like I see it. Mapou
Hi Mr. Brookfield, I couldn't agree with you more, about the need for civility. Though, I don't think we can deny the corrosive effects Darwinism has had on morality. This is especially clear in Europe. A little bird told me that, this will be addressed in EXPELLED: NO INTELLIGENCE ALLOWED. I just hope it is showing at a theater near me. http://www.expelledthemovie.com/ PannenbergOmega
Hi Sal, Good to hear from you again. Hi FtK and Tribune, I personally think that no matter how the Darwinists react to us we should always be respectful in return. As far as I am concerned, everyone is an aspect of God and is thefore to be treated with respect -- just as you would treat God with respect. What they say about us is their own business. Forgiveness is the key to a better world IMO. Respect for others however, in no way prohibits us from questioning Darwinism and Materialism. William Brookfield
What put me firmly into the evo-skeptic camp was how I saw the Darwinians react to criticism. tribune7
Yup...looks like they're also out to hang Egnor since he threw his hat in the ring. This [expletive deleted, watch your langauge -ds] has to stop...srly. FtK
A commenter to my article about John McCain supporting the teaching of ID in public schools replies that he won’t vote for McCain because of it. The stated reason is the United States is falling behind other industrialized countries in science literacy.
We don't need DarCrap to understand math, physics, chemistry, or engineering. I have 3 science degrees, working on a fourth in Physics, and I've yet to see why I need DarCrap to succeed in these disciplines. Darwin couldn't even do high school algebra. He didn't understand atomic chemistry, physics, engineering, molecular biology, genetics, computer science. Why should he and his sorry theory be held up as something to be esteemed and emulated? There was a $40,000 dollar opportunity that an engineering grad student would have secured at Baylor had the Darwinists not shut down Robert Marks lab. Oh well, that's one more electrical and computer engineering student the Darwinists succeeded in eliminating. So much for the Darwinists helping the education of the next generation of engineers. Oh by the way, the Darwinists are doing an especially good job of destroying the matriculation of promising students in biology and biochemsitry and medicine because of their Darwinsits bigotry. I happen to know that personally because I see the persecution going on in US campuses. Oh, not to mention the Darwinsits have been destroying the careers of professors and scientists who refuse to burn insense to Darwin... scordova

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