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Don Johnson’s lecture on “Bioinformatics: The Information in Life”


VJT has recently posted on what kind of cosmos God made, remarking on the Don Johnson bioinformatics lecture. He linked but didn’t embed, so here is the lecture:

[vimeo 11314902]

And, here is the handout.

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McGrath's statement also manifests profound ignorance about how chance and necessity operate. It is impossible for law-like processes to give rise to information-rich systems like we find in biology. And chance depends on absurd probability scenarios to even have an inkling of stumbling upon meaningful outcomes. So a "universe that organizes itself" -- at least insofar as anyone is talking about the origin of life, the origin of information-rich systems, etc. -- is irrational nonsense. Furthermore, there isn't any evidence for it. Eric Anderson
I read Dr Torley's request for a response on McGrath's blog. I am embarrased for Dr McGrath. I am left wondering why I should have expected anything more of him. Upright BiPed
There is actually a perfectly good theological argument that McGrath SHOULD have known about, which explains why God cannot create a self-organizing universe. 1. For a self-organizing universe lives from itself, not from God. 2. Since God is Life Itself (along with Being Itself, etc), then such a self-organizing university would be a 'little God'. 3. But since there is only one God, it would BE God. 4. But we know it was created, so distinct from God. 5. Contradiction between 3 and 4. Most likely bad premise is #1: that self-organizing universes CAN be created. Ian Thompson
Sadly, Dr. McGrath has yet to interact with Torley's post over at his site. lpadron
How is that the likes of Dr. McGrath suffer from such "selective imagination"? Maybe, just maybe, "God can create a universe that can organize itself" but such an entity is akin to the proverbial square circle in that nothing interesting can happen beyond unique snowflakes; no life, or no intelligent life, or no self-aware life. Maybe, just maybe, "God can create a universe that can organize itself" but it does not serve His purposes in that He needs the properties inherent in a "tinkered" universe to accomplish some end of His own liking. Dr. McGarth and his ilk are really prolific at imagining all manner of possibilities in the defense of their preferred worldview but so utterly sterile when "considering" the worldview of their opponents. Stephen SteRusJon
Idem as kairosfocus, impossible to comment there, then I comment here. Dr. McGrath:
Either God can create a universe that can organize itself, in which case the claim of ID fails; or God cannot create such a universe, in which case the proponent of ID ought to be asked to explain why they view God as limited in this way.
What? "In which case the claim of ID fails"? It is exactly the opposite! A universe that can organize itself is more complex than a universe that cannot. Therefore it needs even more intelligent design by God. I explained why here: https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/intelligent-design/a-third-way-between-evolution-and-design/ niwrad
Here is another video which is based in large part on Dr. Johnson's research: Programming of Life - video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00vBqYDBW5s OT: podcast - Neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Egnor on new atheist Jerry Coyne and Debating Intelligent Design http://intelligentdesign.podomatic.com/entry/2014-01-27T16_38_04-08_00 bornagain77
VJT: At least for me on my browser -- a tricked out Firefox -- your post is locked off after 1st comment, so I have opened comments here to fill in, to go with the vid and handout. KF kairosfocus

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