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Niall Shanks

After recently reporting about Niall Shanks’s rising star on this blog (here), I ran across this article about his new position at Wichita State University: go here for the article. For all my disagreements with him, he’s a nice guy and I wish him well in his new post. In the article, note the reference […]

Evolution Intelligent Design

Uncommon Dissent Forum

Dressing down for Darwin: Forum takes on father of evolution By KELLY DAVIS Anderson Independent-Mail July 22, 2005 Named “Uncommon Dissent Forum: Scientists Who Find Darwinism Unconvincing,” the three-day event Aug. 4 through Aug. 6 at the Palmetto Expo Center is to consist of a panel of nine individuals, six of them scientists, all of […]

Intelligent Design

Cashing in on ID

It’s gratifying to see that ID is helping people make careers and bring home the bacon. Robert Pennock is happily ensconced at Michigan State University for criticizing ID. Barbara Forrest was promoted to full professor at South Eastern Louisiana State University for her work debunking ID. And most recently Niall Shanks moved from East Tennessee […]