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Gilder and Johnson in the News


Here are two articles related to ID that may interest you:

The evolution of George Gilder
The author and tech-sector guru has a new cause to create controversy with: intelligent design
Boston Globe article — go here.

Phillip Johnson’s Assault Upon Faith-Based Darwinism
A modern monkey trial isn’t what Phillip Johnson expected when he wrote a critique of evolution that launched intelligent design — or was it?
East Bay Express article — go here.

Benji: You are not listening. You are herewith banned from this blog. --WmAD William Dembski
Sorry Bill. I just feel so bad for you. Your work is substantial, yet, it doesn't get a fair hearing. I'm sick of ID critics making the same old arguments. They called you Bill Dumbski on one of their blogs. How do you feel about this? Benjii
Benji: You are herewith limited to one post per day per thread. Also, keep the tone respectful and make the contribution substantive. I'm getting tired of your off-hand comments. --WmAD William Dembski
Hey Matzke, why can't you come forward and admit that darwinism is erroneous? Do you have faith that random genetic drift can some how miraculously create new organisms? You must have great zeal and faith my friend, especially in your holy war against IDists. Benjii
The Panda's thumb writer fooled me in believing that George Gilder was an ID opponent making a stupid comment. I guess this how evolutionists wage their war, by quoting out of context and using the same old arguments. No wonder the theory lacks scientific support. Benjii
Johnson: "Scientific organizations are devoted to protecting Darwinism rather than testing it, and the rules of scientific investigation have been shaped to help them succeed." No, George Gilder is wrong. Phillip Johnson is right! Benjii
Gilder: "Intelligent design itself does not have any content" Well, George Gilder gets one thing right. The Panda's Thumb

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