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The Extravagant Design of Nature

Have a look at the following image and consider what your gut is telling you: (1) that nature is full of extravagant design that we should not expect on materialistic principles; (2) that nature has programmed us through evolution (e.g., sexual selection) to appreciate beauty in nature so that we can be good little robots and spread our genes. Here’s the image.

Design Inferences and the Suspicion of Fraud

“Powerball lottery officials suspected fraud: how could 110 players in the March 30 drawing get five of the six numbers right? That made them all second-prize winners, and considering the number of tickets sold in the 29 states where the game is played, there should have been only four or five.” MORE.

Legitimizing a Thoughtful Form of Anthropomorphism

Here’s an interesting piece in Nature about the possibility that anthropomorphism might still have some place in the natural sciences. Given the reductionism of the present age, such a move is both radical and atavistic, hearkening back the old notions of scala natura and humans as microcosms reflecting in miniature the truth of the macrocosm. Read More ›

Ruse, Wells, and Morris (John) on CNN with Lou Dobbs, May 12, 2005

DOBBS: New York, Kansas, and several other states are considering controversial proposals that would change the way our children learn about the creation of human beings, the earth and our universe. A relatively new theory, called intelligent design, suggests that Darwin’s theory of evolution can’t explain the existence of every life form on earth. Those who support intelligent design believe a higher being must have played some role. Now, proponents of intelligent design want evolution to be challenged in our classrooms. Read More ›

Letters from the Frontline — Howard Kronberg

So where is the “intelligence” in Kansas’s “Intelligent Design” theory…….there is none. And the proof that there is none, is that if the Universe was created by a Supreme Intelligent Being….he wouldn’t have created Kansas or the South. Read More ›