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People for the Ethical Treatment of Stuffed Toys (PETST) and “Voodoo Science”

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Stuffed Toys (PETST) recently contacted me about my photos of a stuffed Darwin doll being horribly crushed in a vise (go here). They are now seeking a restraining order to bar any further such treatment of toys in my attic. Furthermore, in conjunction with the National Center for Science Education Selling Evolution (NCSE), they have promised to start a national campaign against intelligent design under the banner: “Intelligent Design Is Voodoo Science.” Just remember, you heard it here first!

8 Replies to “People for the Ethical Treatment of Stuffed Toys (PETST) and “Voodoo Science”

  1. 1
    sue says:

    Yes, send all your stuffed toys to the south or Kansas to protect them from your vice grips. You are a horribly dangerous man! (LOL)

  2. 2
    Analyysi says:

    I have never heard anything about “People for the Ethical Treatment of Stuffed Toys (PETST)”. (And Google hadn’t too) Is that some kind of joke or contortion from People for the Ethical Treatment of Stuffed Animals (PETSA)?

  3. 3
    sue says:

    It is a joke from Dembski.(as least that is what I think) I think he is getting a little bit of grief over the picture of Darwin the Stuffed with his head in vice grips.

  4. 4
    DaveScot says:

    Panda’s Thumb linked to Bill’s article. It’s driving them insane.

    Oh hold it. That’s wrong. They’re already insane. It’s driving them into a frenzy.

    130 comments and counting!

    They hotlinked to the pic at http://www.uncommondescent.com....._Vise1.jpg

    If Bill was feeling mischievous he could put a different jpg at that same address (hint hint).

  5. 5

    Thanks, Dave. I had figured it out myself because I was curious
    whether they had taken my photo off this website and plunked it on
    their own site or whether they were just linking to it. Once I saw that
    they were linking to it and given your encouragement, I decided
    to go for something completely different. I trust Pandasthumb will
    remove the pic soon enough.

    By the way, for some reason I derive enormous pleasure from seeing
    the people at Pandasthumb do a Rumpelstiltskin. I rarely read
    what’s there in detail, but even scanning it gives me a sense of
    how far my stock has plummeted in their quarters. The following passage
    by one Shiva was particularly encouraging:

    “Bill Dembski has exceeded himself this time – actually I did not
    think it was possible. From being a dishonest peddler of crank theories
    he has now become a crude defiler of the memory of the dead. It takes
    a special sort of vileness to crush Darwin in effigy. After this
    nothing that Dembski does is going to disgust me. That is his nature
    and I shall take it for what it is. His descent from the high table
    of science through the depths of intellectual fakery to now the sleaze
    of character defilement is complete. This is indeed “Uncommon Descent”.
    It takes a special sort of lowlife to accomplish this transformation.”

    I suppose I’m supposed to be upset by this, but it’s actually my idea
    of a good time. Perhaps this proves Shiva’s point. Anyway, I’ll put my
    head to it and see if I can’t come up with a suitable encore: Vise II.

  6. 6
    DaveScot says:

    190 comments and still counting. Possibly a record.

    Good replacement pic illustrating natural selection.

  7. 7
    DaveScot says:

    Well Bill, you’ve been promoted to the Joe McCarthy chair at Panda’s Thumb.

    Congratulations. This will get you in good with Ann Coulter. You lucky dog.

    Since she’s a lawyer it might be a good idea to have a meeting of the minds to construct a list of questions for Darwinian Narrative defenders to answer under oath. Good grief, can you imagine HER tearing into them on the witness stand? I’d pay to see that.

    For your reading pleasure here’s some more good humor on the Kansas hearings:


    “Natural Selection Shrinks Herd of Kansas Darwinists”
    by Scott Ott

  8. 8
    WILLOBIE says:

    Some Kansas satire, for the School Board of the Soverign Theocracy of Kansas.


    Also here is a short a blog on why science and ID can’t mix. In a word ID is not about material causes, and science is all about material causes. Can you wait for the Taliban to start running Intel?


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