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Dean of Harvard Medical School endorses pro-ID book, medical professors revolt against Darwin

In addition to the engineers, physicists, chemists, and mathematicians who dissent from Darwin, anywhere from 33% to 60% of medical doctors dissent from Darwin (see Nearly Two-Thirds of Doctors Skeptical of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, HCD Research Poll, also check out PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS WHO DISSENT FROM DARWINISM). Pro-ID sympathies are reflected by the fact Read More…

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“Teach No Controversy” (the alternative to “Teach The Controversy”)

[This just in from a colleague in Kansas:] We are distributing the multicolored brochure titled “Frequently Asked Questions About the New Kansas Science Standards” and explaining the message in more detail: A genuine scientific controversy over evolution clearly exists — its historical character alone guarantees that evolution contains subjective and controversial “narratives” about what happened. Read More…

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New German ID Book

Rammerstorfer, Markus (2006). Nur eine Illusion? Biologie und Design [Only an Illusion? Biology and Design]. Tectum-Verlag, Marburg / ISBN 3-8288-9117-9. This book is now available. displays it here: See also the author’s homepage:


[Off topic:] Darwin’s tortoise dies

Darwin’s tortoise dies Father time has finally caught up with the world’s oldest animal in captivity. Giant Galapagos tortoise Harriet has died of a suspected heart attack at the ripe old age of 176 on the Sunshine Coast. She was a star attraction at Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo since the 1980s and even features Read More…

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“Evolution as Alchemy” (previously “Darwinism as Naturalistic Mystery Religion”)

In light of the recent discussion on this blog about Darwinism as a naturalistic mystery religion (go here), I decided to revise and update a piece I did a long time ago relating evolution and alchemy. I’ve titled it “Evolution as Alchemy” (go here for pdf, here for html). I’ve also included the text (minus Read More…

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Episcopalian intelligentsia sucking up to the scientific establishment

My last post describes 67 scientific academies around the world weighing in to support evolution. Not to be left behind, the Episcopalian intelligentsia and leadership have just done the same. Both houses, Bishops and Deputies, of the Episcopal Church General Convention have approved the following resolution. The Episcopal Church is therefore now on record in Read More…