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Understanding Intelligent Design — now available at!

Understanding Intelligent Design: Everything You Need to Know in Plain Language, which I coauthored with Sean McDowell, and for which his father Josh McDowell wrote a bang-up foreword, is now available at (click here). The book is geared at Christian young people (junior high and high schoolers) as well as for Church groups (e.g., […]

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Expelled: Why are Americans allowed to care so much about freedom?, and other thoughts

Two nights ago, I finally saw the Expelled film. I had become almost proprietorial about the widely denounced #5 political documentary.  I had first broken the story of its existence last August. I watched it pitch and roll through accusations of trickery, a threatened lawsuit over plagiarism and a real one over intellectual property, production […]

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Louisiana Science Education Act — Gov. Jindal signs off on it!

I just received this press release from Seattle’s Discovery Institute: Governor Bobby Jindal Signs Historic Science Education Act On Evolution and Education Baton Rouge – Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed into law the Louisiana Science Education Act, ensuring the state’s teachers their right to teach the scientific evidence both for and against Darwinian evolution. “The […]

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Making genetic history – Jerry A. Coyne

BOOK REVIEWED–In Pursuit of the Gene: From Darwin to DNA by James Schwartz Harvard University Press: 2008. 384 pp. Fruitful collaborations were formed in Thomas Hunt Morgan’s fly genetics lab. When I was a student, ‘doing genetics’ meant crossing two different strains or species. Now it means sequencing DNA, preferably human. Between these two poles […]

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IQ and ID

Uncommon Descent member AussieID brought up the point in my previous article that belief in God tends to fall off with increasing IQ. I countered with the point that the very highest IQs tend to come back around, not full circle to a belief in a personal God (such as the God of Abraham), but […]

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Jason Rosenhouse’s Love/Hate Relationship with Ken Miller

This is funny stuff. Jason Rosenhouse, an incurable chance worshipper, fawns over Ken Miller’s gratuitous ID bashing, then goes all negative when Miller starts mouthing telic code-phrases like “the universe was waiting for us” and that “a human-like intelligence was the inevitable result of evolution”. Go to Rosenhouse’s blog at the link above for the […]