2 Replies to “Oldie but Goodie: Berlinski’s Open Letter to the Amazing Randi

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    FtK says:

    LOL…hilarious. I love Berlinski’s wit…cracks me up.

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    Frost122585 says:

    Funny stuff Bill. Berlinski wrote that piece really well. I can picture the writer almost speaking the letter aloud as if he was saying to Randi himself, speaking with a hand half covering his mouth dressed in a tacky looking, distasteful and overly expensive suit- like some type of sleazy, rich, New York stock broker connected with the mob.

    I loved this line in particular

    “We want to do the right thing and we want to do it at the right price.”

    LOL, hilarious! I liked how Expelled made a joke about how small the Discovery Institute really is in comparison to the absurd, political and paranoid driven stigma that the Darwinists attach to it and ID in general – as if the DI was some kind of big powerful infinitely rich poltical machine set on world domination.

    NEWS FLASH! If the DI was only in it for the money they wouldn’t be in it!

    –Especially with all of their so called “powerful political connections” (George Bush)- I think they would be able to find a more profitable business like say starting another war- perhaps one in South America- after all they are left wing commies down there, and they do have oil!


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