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Is THIS your best shot? A response to New Scientist’s recent hit piece on non-materialist neuroscientists

A few days ago, a friend alerted me to an interesting development: In its Perspectives section, New Scientist – the National Enquirer of popular science magazines – had published a hit piece on the non-materialist neuroscientists, including Mario Beauregard, my lead author on The Spiritual Brain. (“Creationists declare war over the brain” Amanda Gefter, 22 […]

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Selected moments from the Beyond the Mind-Body Problem symposium – morning

“Mind-Body Connections: How Does Consciousness Shape the Brain?”, the morning panel of the Beyond the Mind-Body Problem symposium (September 11, 2008), sponsored by the Nour Foundation, UN-DESA, and the Université de Montréal, featured some interesting exchanges featuring a number of non-materialist neuroscientists. Non-materialist neuroscientists think that your mind is real and that it helps shape […]

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How to Be an Intellectually Fulfilled Atheist (Or Not)

It’s out! To order go here. Book Description: Although atheism might have been logically tenable before Darwin, writes Richard Dawkins, Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist. This little book shows that atheism must seek intellectual fulfillment elsewhere decisively demonstrating the need for intelligence in explaining life’s origin. This is the best […]

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Doing Science Backwards?

I just read an Insights article in the July 2008 edition of Scientific American. In a nutshell, biochemist Jeremy Nicholson billed as one of the world’s foremost experts on the metabolome (the collection of chemicals in the body which are byproducts of metabolic processes) is screening thousands of individuals to establish baseline amounts of different […]

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Materialist death watch: Is Steve Pinker also among the prophets?

Things are changing. Just recently, Richard Dawkins  conceded that a serious case can be made for a deistic God. (= A God Who Used To Be There) Plus, Tom Wolfe has distanced himself from “Sorry, but your soul just died.” Apparently, it didn’t die, despite everything you did to kill it. Now, Harvard cognitive psychologist […]

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Focusing on ID at UD

The presidential election has loomed large here at UD over the past several weeks. After discussion with key UD administrators, we’ve agreed to set the election aside and put the focus here back on ID (and on topics directly pertinent to ID). Short of the presidential candidates raising ID, the election will no longer be […]


Atheist Anti-God Ad Campaign in England

Our good friend Richard Dawkins is on the march once again: The sides of some of London’s red buses will soon carry ads asserting there is “probably no God,” as nonbelievers fight what they say is the preferential treatment given to religion in British society. Organizers of a campaign to raise funds for the ads […]

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Liberal fascism: What it is and why you should care

Recently, I read a book by an American political analyst Jonah Goldberg, Liberal Fascism, which helped me understand a political landscape that I have watched with growing concern: increasingly authoritarian government and increasingly supine citizens. Culturally, it reached the point recently where the term denialist began to characterize anyone who departs from a consensus – […]

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Don McLeroy’s Full Op-Ed

It appears that the Waco Tribune abridged Don McLeroy’s op-ed on Texas science standards (that piece was cited a few posts back). Here is the full op-ed (reprinted with Don McLeroy’s permission): Don McLeroy, guest column: Biology standards and reasonable doubts Sunday, October 19, 2008 COLLEGE STATION — Science education has become a culture-war issue. […]