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The God Question: A TV Series


The God Question (website here), a TV series bringing together world renowned contributors on both sides of the debate on God and science, asks whether there is design in the Universe. The series features figures of note in the intelligent design community, including Stephen Meyer, Douglas Axe, Bill Dembski, John Lennox, and our own Denyse O’Leary. In addition, the series features leading figures on the other side of the debate, including Peter Atkins, Michael Ruse, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett and many others. For a complete list of contributors, see this page.

Divided into three programs, dealing with “The Cosmos“, “Life and Evolution“, and “Mind and Consciousness“, the series is spectacularly produced and commendably provides a fair and balanced discussion of the issues it unpacks.

Wherever you currently stand on “The God Question” or the question of evolution and design, prepare to be challenged by this TV show, which has now been produced as a DVD (which you can purchase here) and comes with a companion study guide for small group discussion.

sigaba @ 4"I am doubtful Design Proponents are intellectually “challenged” by anything." How condescending of you. Barb
PeterJ: As I watched each DVD I jotted down the topics from the menu and recorded the time for each portion. I did this for planning purposes. Program 1: The Cosmos Part 1: 30 minutes Setting the scene A universe of wonder The public debate about God Believers addressing the challenge Galileo and the church Gods of myths and legends The birth and development of the universe Part 2: 27 minutes Recap of part 1 Clashing over the evidence Genesis and science The multiverse concept The fine tuning of the universe God of the gaps? Concluding from the evidence Program 2: Life and Evolution Part 1: 40 minutes Setting the scene Wonder of life on Earth Evolution and the debate about God Believers divided on evolution Darwin’s key ideas The 19th century reaction Fossil evidence Science and ultimate explanations The challenge of intelligent design The wonder of DNA Atheism and theism Part 2: 36 minutes Recap of part 1 Atheism, theistic evolution and intelligent design Randomness and order The origin of life Our hospitable planet Challenges to theistic evolution The Genesis enigma Concluding from the evidence Program 3: Mind and Consciousness Part 1: 33 minutes Setting the scene The mystery of consciousness Wonders of the human brain Mind and brain Higher levels of consciousness Consciousness and evolution Evidence of soul Hard wired for god Evaluating belief The Soviet experiment Religion and culture Moral consciousness Part 2: 30 minutes Recap of part 1 Consciousness of God Considering the God gene Near death experience Transformed lives Concluding from the evidence NeilBJ
Wherever you currently stand on “The God Question” or the question of evolution and design, prepare to be challenged by this TV show, which has now been produced as a DVD
This was apparently necessary because US television distribution is controlled by the Darwin Lobby. His tendrils reach far and wide. I am doubtful Design Proponents are intellectually "challenged" by anything. sigaba
Hi NeilBJ, Can you tell me the length of each DVD. I have looked at Website and considered ordering. Thanks. PeterJ
I have purchased The God Question videos and indeed, they are excellent. Be aware that they may not play on some DVD players, since they are recorded in the PAL format. They would not play on my Panasonic Blu-ray player but would play on an older Denon player. The pastor of my church has scheduled the videos for an adult forum next Spring. NeilBJ
But if the science is already settled as Darwinists constantly insist why are these leading atheists even sullying their names in the series??? bornagain77

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