Intelligent Design

Mark Frank poses an interesting thought experiment on free will

In a comment on kairosfocus’ latest excellent post, Does ID ASSUME “contra-causal free will” and “intelligence” (and so injects questionable “assumptions”)?, Mark Frank proposes a thought experiment in support of his view that determinism is fully compatible with free will. It goes as follows: Start with a dog. Dogs make choices in the sense that […]

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On, the fallacy of worshiping the “short” and the “simple” . . . or, why good long copy outsells short copy

As UD regulars will know, it’s silly season here in Montserrat. As a result, I am facing the long vs short copy debate and the issue of the demand for excessive simplicity. Which, opens us up to be naive and easily misled — including when we indulge the fallacy of selective hyperskepticism. (As in: if […]