Intelligent Design

Evolution Professor: DNA Code Indicates Common Descent Because … Why?

In my previous post we saw that evolutionist Jerry Coyne claimed that “Darwin showed that ‘design-like’ features could arise from a purely naturalistic process.” That whopper was not even thinly disguised. What is particularly striking about Coyne’s lie is that the science ever since Darwin has not demonstrated this either. It is not as though […]

Astronomy Geology News

Where Did The Water Come From?

Having read the recent post here on where Earth’s water came from, I just stumbled across an interesting article over at from June of this year, evidently commenting on a find that was originally reported in Science (at least, that’s what I’ve gathered from reading a bit about it elsewhere). I’m not sure if anything came […]

Intelligent Design

Daniel King: Stand Up Guy

In a prior post I highlighted an altercation with Daniel King. DK has been posting here since 2006, and his comments, while generally critical of ID, have been for the most part measured and civil. I am happy to report that Mr. King has accepted responsibility for his actions and posted an apology. We all […]

Darwinian Debating Devices

Darwinian Debating Device #2: The “Turnabout” Tactic

Recently Eric Anderson started a series on Darwinian Debating Devices, to which I submit the following contribution: “turnabout.” KF has a great explication of this debating tactic at his website, which I summarize: This fallacy turns on blaming the victim by implying or asserting (a) moral equivalency through pretended equality of blame for the cycle […]