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Stephen King, horror novelist, discovered ID


Here’s Evolution News & Views’s take on him:

Speaking with Josh Zepps of HuffPost Live, King acknowledges having a “tendency to believe in intelligent design.” See the interview and accompanying article here or click on the screenshot above. He says:

The very construction of the world and the fact that we seem to be the only blue populated planet in the universe — and we’ve been looking for quite a while now, since the late 50s — it makes you have to believe that if we happened by accident, it would make winning the lottery look like flipping a coin. It’s so complex. So I have a tendency to believe in intelligent design.

Does he appear to have read The Privileged Planet where astrophysicist Guillermo Gonzalez and our Discovery Institute colleague Jay Richards give the deepest treatment to the case for cosmic fine-tuning to which King alludes? No, I don’t think so. Is Stephen King a scientist, or “just” a brilliantly creative and supremely successful author of novels and stories? The latter.

Still, the interview is of interest because it emphasizes yet again what a fib it is to say that ID draws support exclusively from folks motivated by their right-wing Christian religious faith. King is not only a man of the Left, but a critic of “organized religion” and a self-described “agnostic” on the afterlife, as he also made clear to Mr. Zepps. He thinks the most popular religious faiths on offer “cancel each other out” with their competing views on God, so while belief in a higher power is “enriching” no religion deservers “particular credence. More.

On a personal note, I took my training in English literature, and was instinctively unattracted to horror. But never mind, it works for some.

It’s just that, let’s say you asked me for an opinion: For every Friday the Thirteenth, there would always be a Saturday the Fourteenth. (Just how are we going to get all that fake blood off the windows and all that stupid toilet paper out of the trees? How many hours is this gonna take? And we have absolutely nothing better to do?)

But people learn what they learn however they learn it. If they learn something useful, we’d better be grateful. – O’Leary for News

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Yup. I doubt we have scratched the surface. Future generations will lie on the floor laughing at many claims made by our scientists these days. Especially Darwinian Evolution and Global Warming. It will boggle their minds, like it does ours, how any intelligent individual couldn't believe in such nonsense. humbled
Poor old Nabokov. He obviously didn't realise that, among all its other superhuman qualities, such as intuition, for example, inanimate matter has the most refined aesthetic sense. We really don't know the half of it, do we? The wonderful world of dancing molecules and supposedly inanimate matter. That's what biomimetics and reverse engineering are all about: the endless gift of imagination and engineering knowhow possessed by plain, old matter. Whoda thunk? Axel

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