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Lab bench frustrations: Nature can be sneaky

Here. But in 2009, everything started to fall apart. When Rimm ordered a fresh set of antibodies, his team could not reproduce the original results. The antibodies were sold by the same companies as the original batches, and were supposed to be identical — but they did not yield the same staining patterns, even on […]

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About That Squid and its RNA editing …

We recently reported that the common squid, Doryteuthis pealeiirecodes, uses massive, tissue-specific, RNA editing to modify many of its proteins. One evolutionary explanation for this apparent intelligent design would be that the editing machinery is merely an uncontrolled, random process. This would be in keeping with evolution’s view of life as a train off the […]

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Why micro vs macro evolution matters

From Kirk Durston, here: The definition of macroevolution is surprisingly non-precise for a scientific discipline. Macroevolution can be defined as evolution above the species level, or evolution on a ‘grand scale’, or microevolution + 3.8 billion years. It has never been observed, but a theoretical example is the evolution from a chordate eel-like creature to […]

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FYI-FTR: Part 4, What about Paley’s self-replicating watch thought exercise?

Sometimes, one of the most telling issues in a debate is the point the other side utterly refuses to take up. The one it tries to pretend is just not there. Even, as it hastens off to a red herring dragged away to strawman caricatures laced with loaded accusations or insinuations and set alight to […]

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Timaeus Exposes Larry Moran

All that follows is from UD commenter Timaeus: Larry Moran wrote: “I’ve been trying to teach Denyse about evolution for almost twenty years. It’s not working.” Perhaps teaching is not your strong point, Larry. There is some empirical evidence of that, I believe. Or perhaps it is expertise that is the problem. Last time I […]

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Guest Post Part 2: Qualitative Complex and Specified Information within genes – an example

All that follows is from Dr. JDD: Hopefully from the first of these two posts the simplified concept of AltORFs that overlap existing genes has been sufficiently introduced. It appears to me that this is an area of research vastly underrepresented in not only the literature, but the minds and understandings of many PhD-level scientists […]

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The second round of Sheldrake vs Shermer = Mind vs brain

Underway: Sheldrake For committed materialists, psychic (psi) phenomena such as telepathy and the sense of being stared at must be illusory because they are impossible. Minds are inside brains. Mental activity is nothing but electro-chemical brain activity. Hence thoughts and intentions cannot have direct effects at a distance, nor can minds be open to influences […]

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FYI-FTR*: Part 3, Is it so, that >> . . . What undermines the “case for design” chiefly, is that there isn’t a case for a designer>>

It has become apparent that a major objection by EL et al, is that ” . . . What undermines the “case for design” chiefly, is that there isn’t a case for a designer” — clearly implying God as Designer/ Creator. This objection is closely backed by the now far too common atheistical/ secularist notion […]