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What is the “Platonic Realm”?

In an ongoing discussion with hazel and others in another thread, some agreement has been reached that conceptual elements of mathematics (and in a related relationship, geometry) are things we discover rather than invent, such as circles and their mathematical properties. That discussion, IMO, could benefit by discussing what is meant by the term “Platonic […]

Intelligent Design

Would Moral Subjectivists Agree to Math and Logic Subjectivism?

One of the recurring themes on this blog is moral subjectivism vs moral objectivism. Subjectivists argue that morals are fundamentally subjective in nature – akin to personal preferences, although very strongly felt. Let us agree for the sake of argument that they are not the same as simple preferences like flavors or fashion or colors […]

Intelligent Design

The Woeful State of Modern Debate

In debate after debate I’m sure we’ve all noticed that some people continually recycle the same statements over and over as if those statements represent something more than emotion-laden rhetoric that hasn’t already been factually and logically refuted or otherwise sufficiently responded to.  While this is hardly surprising, what has piqued my interest are discussions […]

Intelligent Design

The “Anti-Science” Lie

It is often a claim of atheists/naturalists that certain individuals, groups or positions are “anti-science”. There is a narrative now that the Trump administration is “anti-science” because Trump and certain cabinet nominees do not subscribe to certain so-called “scientific” views, such as AGW or certain evolutionary claims, and do not intend to set policy according […]

Intelligent Design

The Inane Beliefs of Atheists/Materialists

1. Climate Alarmism – why do Atheists/Materialists think they can recognize and understand true climate facts and extrapolate them into valid theories about the future of Earth’s climate? Do they not realize all of their mental processes have no top-down, supernatural control/override authority? They think whatever happenstance chemical interactions cause them to think, and believe […]

Intelligent Design

Science IS Intelligent Design

It is the common, uninformed and apparently biased expression of many anti-ID advocates that “science” makes all sorts of discoveries and advances, while Intelligent Design makes none.  This is claimed as if science and ID are two entirely different things. Although not under the specific label of “Intelligent Design”, the inventors of modern science believed […]

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Miserable Creatures

Imagine if atheistic materialism was actually true and humans are nothing more than biological automatons – complexly programmed and reactive robots that behave and think in whatever manner happenstance chemical interactions dictates at any given time.  Let’s think about what would actually mean. There would be no way for a biological automaton to determine whether […]