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Michael Chaberek: Darwinian theory is past its best-before date

Laszlo Bencze writes to say, Michael Chaberek. I’m currently reading Catholicism and Evolution, by Michael Chaberek. It would be easy to assume that the book deals in esoteric matters of interest to Catholics only. However, I’m finding that it offers one of the best summaries of the history of evolution that I have ever read. […]

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Eugenics: How consensus science can be dead wrong

A friend writes to urge us to listen to John West’s podcast on eugenics: John’s account is thorough and accurate onthe application of Darwinian principles to the “improvement of humankind.” Most Darwinists today would like to forget this, but as John shows, eugenics wasn’t an aberration of those principles but a natural and logical outgrowth […]

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Fossil human footprints challenge established theories: Non-ape feet

From ScienceDaily: Newly discovered human-like footprints from Crete may put the established narrative of early human evolution to the test. The footprints are approximately 5.7 million years old and were made at a time when previous research puts our ancestors in Africa—with ape-like feet. Ever since the discovery of fossils of Australopithecus in South and […]

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Neanderthal technology was hardly dumb

From Andrew Masterson at Cosmos: The development and employment of tar in tool-making, however, implies a significant level of intelligence in its makers. “Neanderthals must have been able to recognise certain material properties, such as adhesive tack and viscosity,” the scientists conclude. “In this way, they could develop the technology from producing small traces of […]

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Science education: Keep on marchin’ marchin’ — into oblivion, unfortunately

From an op-ed at Nature: Scientists might have made a difference, had they protested against laws that now threaten what can be taught in our classrooms, argues Brandon Haught Haught is complaining about an academic freedom law in Florida that restricts the use of science courses for propaganda purposes: Advocates of the law were widely […]

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Are there really 22 genes associated with intelligence?

From Alexander P. Burgoyne and David Z. Hambrick at Scientific American: In a GWAS recently published in Nature Genetics, a team of scientists from around the world analyzed the DNA sequences of 78,308 people for correlations with general intelligence, as measured by IQ tests. … Of the over 12 million SNPs analyzed, 336 correlated significantly […]

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Could Evergreen State College in Washington, USA, be declared a state pen?

What? In the world of “social justice,” someone actually noticed biology prof Bret Weinstein? Someone took time out from hearing the angst and hoo-haw of “[fill in the blank] studies” students to look at the science education issues? From Michael Shermer at Scientific American: One underlying cause of this troubling situation may be found in […]