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New Scientist adopts the prophet’s mantle: End of days prophesied

Laura Spinney asks: End of days: Is Western civilisation on the brink of collapse?: History tells us all cultures have their sell-by date. Do political strife, crippling inequality and climate change mean the West’s time is now up Scientists, historians and politicians alike have begun to warn that Western culture is reaching a critical juncture. […]

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Cosmologist Sean Carroll: A multiverse is “beyond falsifiability” – and that’s okay with him

It’s good when they come right out and say that. From Sean Carroll at Arxiv: Cosmological models that invoke a multiverse – a collection of unobservable regions of space where conditions are very different from the region around us – are controversial, on the grounds that unobservable phenomena shouldn’t play a crucial role in legitimate […]

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Catholic astronomer on Canada’s government’s universe of randomness (“Stuff happens.”)

Readers may remember that late last year, Canada’s governor-general got some attention for ridiculing Canadians who do not think that life is random process. The Prime Minister supported her, though her job is essentially to speak on behalf of the Queen, who apparently does not support such views: Can you believe that still today in […]

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Terry Scambray: Fascism is simply a branch of communism

Reader Terry Scambray published an op-ed recently in the Fresno Bee (January 19, 2018) and has given us permission to reprint his original text. Words are like knives; they become dull with use until eventually they can’t dissect and divide reality with any precision. And certainly there is no more overused and abused word than […]

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Astrophysicist: The multiverse absolutely must exist but won’t “fix physics”

In response to growing disquiet with the concept of a multiverse, voiced by theoretical physicist Sabine Hossenfelder, astrophysicist Ethan Siegel assures us at Forbes: In short, it’s the idea that our Universe, and all that’s contained within it, is just one small region of a larger existence that includes many similar, and possibly many different, […]

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Theoretical physicist: Reasons to be skeptical of the multiverse

Bookmark this for the next airhead invasion of your local Great Ideas discussion group. Further to “Theoretical physicist: Multiverse not based on sound science reasoning,”more from Sabine Hossenfelder at BackRe(action): Eternal inflation is an extrapolation of inflation, which is an extrapolation of the concordance model, which is an extrapolation of the present-day universe back in […]

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Rebranding SETI: They are now looking for inferior space alien technology. But why?

SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) needs a new name, says spokesperson. From Calla Cofield at At a recent meeting of the National Academy of Sciences’ Committee on Astrobiology Science Strategy for the Search for Life in the Universe, held here at the University of California, Irvine, Tarter explained that the phrase “search for extraterrestrial […]

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The problem of using “methodological” naturalism to define science

One of the problems that keeps on cropping up here at UD and elsewhere is as captioned. Accordingly, I just noted to JDK et al in the “complaining” thread as follows: ___________ KF, 66: >>I should note on the subtly toxic principle that has been injected in such a way as to seem reasonable (especially […]

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Actually, it isn’t ID that’s breaking up; it’s Darwinism

From Tyler O’Neil at PJ Media, on a new book, Four Views on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design (J. B.Stump, ed), Opponents of intelligent design (ID) usually dismiss the theory as unscientific, an attempt at smuggling religion into science through a back door. They slam it as a “god of the gaps” argument — inserting […]

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Oldest fossil so far found suggest humans migrated out of Africa much earlier than thought

From ScienceDaily: A large international research team, led by Israel Hershkovitz from Tel Aviv University and including Rolf Quam from Binghamton University, State University of New York, has discovered the earliest modern human fossil ever found outside of Africa. The finding suggests that modern humans left the continent at least 50,000 years earlier than previously […]

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Picture the multiverse controversy if real evidence were demanded for a multiverse…

Responding to “Theoretical physicist: Multiverse not based on sound science reasoning,” Edward Sisson offers some thoughts, from his training and experience as a lawyer: The “multiverse” proposal is just a way to escape the entire field of mathematical statistics. Yet our legal system relies on mathematical statistics in making one category of its most important […]