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At Mind Matters News: MIT takes steps toward meaningful free expression

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The most significant line: “We cannot prohibit speech that some experience as offensive or injurious”:

Those who hold minority or unpopular views on campus are usually censured on the theory that the presentation of their views is a source of offense or even injury to others. The explicit statement that the university cannot prohibit speech on that ground implicitly recognizes that individuals on campus who cannot endure the presentation of opposing views have a problem that they need to address, if they are to continue in higher education. It is not the responsibility of the university to protect them from the debate that is the lifeblood of research and scholarship.

Note: An intellectual freedom statement will only make a difference at MIT if MIT continues to seek achievements that go beyond mere conformity to approved views.

What is free expression? There has always been suppression of concepts thought harmful. It’s just a new group of elites that suppress what is thought harmful either by outright forbidding the thought to the mocking of it and those who express it. Where it all leads. Here’s one man’s opinion about some of the new arbiters/self appointed elites of what can be said and held. https://jeffgoldstein.substack.com/p/green-eggs-and-hamfisted https://jeffgoldstein.substack.com/p/youll-be-shocked-to-hear On a related issue. What is truth? https://www.hillfaith.org/agnosticism/the-problem-of-truth-and-why-it-requires-courage/ jerry

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